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When a client was stricken with cancer, his solution was to eat only natural foods of the earth and water filtration. Today he is a 100% cancer survivor and a big advocate of my product, the AquaOx. I devoted all my energy to the science and technology of water filtration. I firmly believe that every home in America should have water filtration to rid the world of our plastics environment and healthier bodies through drinking, showering and cooking. We don’t hydrate our bodies properly and purified water is essential to “fuel the machine!” We designed a premium water filter for this purpose and use the best of technology available at an affordable price. “Live Clean, Live Green”

To maintain a healthy body and healthy environment, “living clean and living green,” takes some conscious thought and careful planning. Using an AquaOx Water Purifying System will provide clean, odorless and great tasting water. Our commitment is to provide a premium water filter at an affordable price.

– Michael Corcoran, Lieutenant Colonel, US Army retired Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business

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