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Frequently Asked Questions About The AquaOx and Water Filtration

How much of the harmful elements does it eliminate? 2016-06-24T11:17:59+00:00

It removes heavy metals, chlorine, tthms, VOCs, hydrogen sulfide and many other harmful elements that affect your skin hair and other systems of the body. For more information about what it removes, click here.

How much does a whole home filtration system cost? 2016-01-29T13:13:42+00:00

The AquaOx only costs $2,999 and includes free shipping. We even have a financing plan available through PayPal so you can make monthly payments while you enjoy your new system.

Do I really need to filter all the water in my house or just what we drink? 2015-03-23T17:09:41+00:00

You need to filter all the water in your house. Filtering drinking water is important and protects your body but the AquaOx also protects your appliances ,dishwasher, washing machine, hot water heater, plumbing, plumbing fixtures, etc. So it can save you money in every aspect of your home life.

Where is the water filter installed on your house? 2015-03-23T17:11:13+00:00

The AquaOx house filter is installed on the main water line coming into the house. It can be put in a garage, closet, crawl space, attic or anywhere on the main water line. It just needs to be protected from freezing.


What’s the maintenance on a whole home water filter? 2015-03-23T17:13:10+00:00

There is very little maintenance for the AquaOx. All that needs to be done is the timer for the backwash needs to be set for the correct time.  If the power was to go off, the clock would have to be set to the correct time again. About once a month the pre-sediment filter will need to be flushed which takes about 2 seconds.


How do I clean a whole home water filter? 2015-03-23T17:14:36+00:00

The AquaOx has a self-cleaning backwash which takes place every 4 days. No manually cleaning is necessary.

How long will the AquaOx filter last? 2015-03-23T17:18:10+00:00

The AquaOx will last an average family of 4 over 10 years.