Do you have a rotten egg smell in your water? Does it smell up your house, make your clothes stink and gag when you take a shower? You can't drink it or Cook with it? You have hydrogen sulfide problem. This is caused from decaying matter in your water. It is tough to live with. When friend and family come over its embarrassing. AquaOx has your solution. It is the AquaOx RE. This system is designed just for this problem. It will eliminate the bad smell and taste from the water in your whole house and last up to ten years with little to no maintenance. No more gagging when you bathe, shower, drink, cook or smell your cloths. The installation is very simple connect the main water line of the house to the inlet and connect the line leading in to the house to the outlet connect a pvc line to the backwash outlet plug it in to a regular power outlet and you are done. So don't live with the problem there is a solution AquaOx RE.

Worry Free Filtration

Equipped with a del-sanitizing, automatic backwash feature that settles the media back level, the AquaOx takes care of itself year after year. With its 5 year warranty and more features than any other system on the market, you’ll enjoy a piece of mind owning this revolutionary water filtration system.

To your health,

The AquaOx Team

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