Discussion on the modern homes water supply and the environmental benefits of installing a water filtration system. Watch this video and learn more at http://goo.gl/7Tf8AA

00:00 It’s almost like I grew up where I’ve seen music go from a reel to reel to an 8-track to a cassette to the DVD. Our world’s evolving. But the modern kitchen of today, the modern home, they’ve got their microwaves, the dishwasher, things like that. But I’m just thinking to myself, water is like a pot of gold. I just don’t understand. Every home built in America should build into the architectural blueprint’s water filtration. Every home should have a water filter, because why not? It’s amazing. If you could put a system in and you’re showering, your laundry, your cooking, nothing’s better than a great cup of coffee with purified water. But many people won’t take bottled water and everyday fill up their Keurig water pot.

00:50 So I think the modern home of today from the health benefit and the environmental benefit, think abouts, 50 million barrels of oil to make all the bottles, the plastic bottles in the environment. The other thing is a plastic water bottle, which rarely gets recycled, it takes 450 years to biodegrade in a landfill, 450 years. So if you’re conscious about the environment, and you can’t imagine the plastics and the ocean, the plastics in our landfills. So I believe in the environment, that’s the live clean part of our philosophy, and live green. We could do better.

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